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Album: Sunset Cliffs [free mp3]

Release: 2001 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 9 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Sunset Cliffs download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - Fat Of The Land.mp3 (10.36mb) download
2. Fonya - Without A Clue.mp3 (5.70mb) download
3. Fonya - Incredibly High.mp3 (9.72mb) download
4. Fonya - The Light Breaaks Through.mp3 (12.08mb) download
5. Fonya - Crashed.mp3 (6.51mb) download
6. Fonya - Witness To Nothing.mp3 (7.77mb) download
7. Fonya - Sunset Cliffs.mp3 (8.44mb) download
8. Fonya - Remember The Bombs.mp3 (11.13mb) download
9. Fonya - As Our Orbit Decays.mp3 (7.63mb) download

Album: Perfect Cosmological Principle [free mp3]

Release: 1998 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Perfect Cosmological Principle download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - Tetrabiblios.mp3 (14.43mb) download
2. Fonya - Spiral Structure In Virgo.mp3 (7.24mb) download
3. Fonya - Approaching Arctana.mp3 (6.56mb) download
4. Fonya - Compression.mp3 (8.78mb) download
5. Fonya - Spirit Of Sunshine.mp3 (5.53mb) download
6. Fonya - Mare Nectaris.mp3 (9.69mb) download
7. Fonya - Flash Spectrum Scanning Helium Horizons.mp3 (13.84mb) download
8. Fonya - One Hundred Million Years.mp3 (8.28mb) download
9. Fonya - Expansion.mp3 (8.28mb) download
10. Fonya - So Many Parsecs, So Little Time.mp3 (9.18mb) download
11. Fonya - We've Been Here Before.mp3 (3.34mb) download
12. Fonya - Delirium's Gate.mp3 (11.39mb) download

Album: Upper Level Open Space [free mp3]

Release: 1998 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 9 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Upper Level Open Space download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - Stardaze At The Summit.mp3 (12.61mb) download
2. Fonya - 14,000 Feet.mp3 (4.39mb) download
3. Fonya - Infinite Visions.mp3 (8.78mb) download
4. Fonya - Guadalupe From Sierra Diablo.mp3 (7.34mb) download
5. Fonya - Alpine Aquarium.mp3 (5.21mb) download
6. Fonya - Sundog.mp3 (9.74mb) download
7. Fonya - Acadia.mp3 (8.33mb) download
8. Fonya - Enchanted Rock.mp3 (7.56mb) download
9. Fonya - Mountain Of God.mp3 (13.35mb) download

Album: Earth Shaper [free mp3]

Release: 1995 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Earth Shaper download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - The Valley Of Lavon - Salad Daze (July, 1947).mp3 (15.23mb) download
2. Fonya - Trinity River Run.mp3 (16.54mb) download
3. Fonya - The Flood.mp3 (19.88mb) download
4. Fonya - Lake Lavon.mp3 (12.28mb) download
5. Fonya - Cathedral Over Chimney Pond.mp3 (23.07mb) download
6. Fonya - Screw Auger Falls.mp3 (19.38mb) download
7. Fonya - Seeing Cape God Seas - Freedom.mp3 (17.29mb) download
8. Fonya - Thundering Waters.mp3 (12.77mb) download
9. Fonya - Is It Light.mp3 (11.86mb) download
10. Fonya - A New Life.mp3 (3.45mb) download
11. Fonya - The Last Time For Minterra.mp3 (17.57mb) download

Album: Influx [free mp3]

Release: 1994 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Influx download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - Sudden Shift.mp3 (16.17mb) download
2. Fonya - X Transporter.mp3 (9.69mb) download
3. Fonya - Totally Organic.mp3 (11.82mb) download
4. Fonya - The Late Nite Space Show.mp3 (15.05mb) download
5. Fonya - Behind Closed Doors.mp3 (12.51mb) download
6. Fonya - Towers Of Babble.mp3 (11.98mb) download
7. Fonya - Fleabitten Cat.mp3 (14.03mb) download
8. Fonya - From Maine Nights To Sodium Lights.mp3 (10.36mb) download
9. Fonya - The Cumulus Corridor.mp3 (15.98mb) download
10. Fonya - Resolution.mp3 (12.41mb) download
11. Fonya - Los Endoshairless Heart.mp3 (15.79mb) download

Album: Wanderers Of The Neverending Night [free mp3]

Release: 1992 year
Artist: Fonya
Album Tracks: 11 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Wanderers Of The Neverending Night download


File Size      #
1. Fonya - Venus.mp3 (10.61mb) download
2. Fonya - Chaotic Resolve (Earth).mp3 (10.23mb) download
3. Fonya - It's A Long Way Home (Neptune).mp3 (9.77mb) download
4. Fonya - Mars.mp3 (12.61mb) download
5. Fonya - Jupiter (Dark Side Of Callisto).mp3 (12.86mb) download
6. Fonya - Heavenly Flight (Mercury).mp3 (8.95mb) download
7. Fonya - Saturn.mp3 (11.35mb) download
8. Fonya - Uranus (The Skies Glow Green).mp3 (14.74mb) download
9. Fonya - Pluto's Passage.mp3 (11.57mb) download
10. Fonya - Elder Sun, Bringer Of Light.mp3 (15.65mb) download
11. Fonya - Sea O'dreams.mp3 (15.74mb) download

[ Black Sabbath: Trashed ]

Artist: Black Sabbath
Song: Trashed

The bottle took a beating
The ladies of the manor
Watched me climb into my car and
I was going down the track about a hundred and five
They had the stop-watch rolling
I had the headlights blazing I was really alive
And yet my mind was blowing
I drank a bottle of tequila and I feel real good
I had the tape deck roaring
But on the twenty-fifth lap at the canal turn
I went of exploring
I knew I wouldn't make it the car just wouldn't make it
I was turning tires burning
The ground was in my sky
I was laughing the bitch was trashed
And death was in my eye

I had started pretty good and I was feeling my way
I had the wheels in motion
There was Peter and the Green fly laughing like drains
The crowd was roaring I was at Brands Hatch
In my imagination
But at the canal turn I hit an only patch

Ooh Mr. Miracle you saved me from some pain
I thank you Mr. Miracle I won't get trashed again
Ooh can you hear my lies
Don't you bother with this fool just laugh into my eyes

So we went back to the bar and hit the bottle again
But there was no tequila
Then we started on the whisky just to steady our brains
'Cos there was no tequila
And as we drank a little faster at the top of our hill
We began to roll
And as we get trashed we were laughing still
Well bless my soul

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